As a passionate Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor and Reiki healer my goal is to help your body and mind connect to a hidden place, deep within you, that will reveal the makings of your true authentic self. Through this guided journey we will work on gaining insights into any blockages, pains, and emotional releases that may be holding you back from the life you deserve. 

Situated in the Erie, PA area, I incorporate a variety of Pranayama (breathing) exercises, to prepare you for a wonderful journey through your mind. I will guide you through traditional meditation types, such as Vipasanna (Insight) Meditation, Mettā (Loving-kindness), Mantra and Mindfulness meditation, as well as more modern types that can be done anywhere (car, work, etc.).  My objective is to help each student develop their own unique practice that works for their lifestyle.


Working on obtaining a location to perform in person reiki healing sessions. In the meantime, I do provide distant reiki session that is focused on clearing out your chakra areas. 


Are you ready to make a positive change in your lifestyle? Contact me! I'd love to be the light you've been needing to see.