Designed For You


This could be your wake-up call to a better life. In our sacred space OR from the comfort of your home, you will be supported and guided through a calming reiki energy healing session. Each session will be infused with essential oils and crystals to help enhance the vibrational energy needed to cleanse completely. These intuitive, spiritually guided sessions provide a pathway for you to tap into various emotions and senses, clear away any blockages and help heal pain and tension that you've been struggling with. Think of it as a massage for your soul. My insight and feedback will help you begin to think differently and dig deeper to find those hidden meanings within you. The energy flows where it is needed, every session is a new journey within. 

Reiki Treatment
Meditation Class


Ready for some fun? I put a lot of heart and soul in creating some fun and educational workshops that will not only get your mind relaxed but will also have you leaving in a grateful state. Take some much needed time to learn ways to make life just a little bit more bearable. Topics are not limited to developing a home practice, working with crystals, essential oil benefits and uses as well as digging deeper into specific types of meditation techniques for various health needs. These are popular, so go ahead and book today.


My private events are a welcome and much-needed break from the stress and speed of day to day life. Grab a mat or pillow, wear your comfy clothes and invite your friends or family and join me for a relaxing time that will leave you feeling centered and renewed. Call me to discuss the possibilities. Food ideas, themes, topics and any other details can be worked into the event! Call today to discuss and plan.